Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Month

It is hard to believe it, but we have been home for a month! Time does go by quickly. Things are going well, but they are still busy. We still have the loggers here everyday, they are finishing, they should be done  Thursday. We still have appointments for Max, my mom is doing well. Like I said there is a lot going on these days.

Max is doing well, he seems to love his new life, he loves his brothers and sister. He loves to go to church, when we pull into the parking lot at church he lets us know he is excited. He has many new friends there. Our church family have been so loving and accepting of our little Max!

The only bummer right now is that my children can not go out and play in our yard, well, we don't have a yard anymore. It is more like a waste land. Max loves to be outside, and he is missing it. We will have to go to the park and let that little man run and play! I think that when the loggers are done and it gets "cleaned" up, it will be better, but we don't have a lawn anymore, it's gone. yes it is bright and sunny now, but it is not the same yard.

Well sorry for this quick post, I will post more later :) Here are a couple of pictures!

He is so handsome!! We were getting ready for lunch after church.

Out in our back yard, Monday.

Silly boy, he was supposed to be taking a nap :) This is his little toy box.

Out side of our front door today!

Bill & Sheri

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Faith for Hope said...

It looks SOOO different now! :( You guys should come over sometime and pick blackberries and let Max run. Love my little friend! Hugs, Grace