Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home, jet lag and the first Sunday

We are home!!!! We arrived at Seatac Airport and was greeted by 20 or so members of our church including our Pastor and his family. After many hugs, pictures and videos we loaded up and went to lunch at Azteca for some normal Mexican food. After that we headed home to start unpacking and then the jet lag set in. Saturday was a day of only doing what needed to be done and a BBQ at friends, but a early night since we were all tired.

Max has been doing great, he has also been effected by the jet lag since he slept very little on the trip home. So he will just pass out on us for a few hours and then be back awake. But when it is time for bed he is ready. He has his own toddler bed (thank you Potvins) that he mostly sleeps in, he is a busy sleeper so sometimes he ends up on the floor and we put him back in bed. He truly understands that this is his home and he has his own stuff.

Sunday, Max and mom stayed home in the morning, but were at the evening service. Our church family was glad to finally meet Max. We had an ice cream social after church and ALL the girls were around him (he enjoys the attention). We are grateful to our church family and the support they have given us during our journey to bring Max home. We will post a more detailed timeline of the last weekend and pictures later.

Thank you, Bill


Marianne said...

Welcome home!!! I hope that you get settled in quickly and have a smooth transition.

Molly said...

Welcome home, I am so thrilled for you!!

Faith for Hope said...

WELCOME HOME!!! We missed you so much. Max is such a sweetie.... loved our tickle time at the bbq. I LOVE his grin!!! Hugs, Grace