Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Desire to Help, A Need For Help

We are not fully funded yet, and I am concerned that we won't get this last little bit, just $1,890. I know God is in control, I know He wants us to lean on Him. We are asking for help from our friends, both far and near, to get that last of the needed travel funds. I know MANY of you who are reading this have given already. We are not asking that you give more, but we do need help and prayers.We have an amazing church family...they have prayed for us, loved us and helped us on this journey in many ways. I have heard about a few RR families who do not have the support of their churches, I am very thankful for our church family and do not want to take that for granted. We are truly blessed and I praise God for my church!! There are two young men in our church who have stepped up to help. First Cody H., a very talented young man...he truly is an amzing artist, I can't wait to see how the Lord will use this young man's talent for His glory. Cody is a Child of God, a Boy Scout and an awesome Son and Brother. He is also a dear friend to our family. We love him and his family, they are a blessing to us. He drew a picture of a Mallard and put it in a frame....I am telling you, this is a Cody H. Original......He will one day be very well known, I am sure :) We are trying to decide how to get the most from the picture he drew for us to
help raise some funds.
 So here is the picture he drew.
 The third picture tells about the frame.

$100 and please add $25 for shipping.

The next young man is M,(I need to talk to his parents and ask if I can use his name, sor for now, he is M) he is very thoughtful, and is doing what he can to help. He collects rocks, he has many...different shapes and sizes. Well he is giving up some of his rocks to help us raise funds...he knows that little Brian is worth it!! I am in the process of getting pictures of those rocks.
I will add them to my blog very soon!!

I have also had several young people walk up and hand me change or just hand me a few dollars here and there! They all know how important our jouney is and they know how important Brian is to Jesus!! We can learn from children, they have such faith in God.

So we need more to get this last bit of travel funds.
We need our friends to rally around us, we need help and prayer.

I also saw a sweet friend tonight, Michelle...she is planning to have a bake sale to help us, she has enlisted the help of her daughter and two of her daughters friends. They need a little bit of time, so we will see how it goes!! I am amazed that God is using children in this way to help. I could juct cry taers of joy...these children are all amazing!!

All of these children have truly touched our hearts in an amazing way!!
We praise God for them!!

If You Can!! :) You Can Pray!!

Please don't forget the "Your Place in this World" puzzle fundraiser!! I know it is not very popular right now, but every little bit truly does help.

Bill & Sheri (Brian's mom and dad)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 1/2 Years...PLEASE Pray

Today our sweet young man is 5 1/2 years old, the age that they usually transfer children to the mental institution. I hope and pray that because they know we are coming, that they keep him at the orphanage. We have prayed many prayers for that little boy. It is hard to find words to express how we truly feel about that amazing young man. How we can miss him so much, we have have not met him yet, Lord willing that will be really soon, but we do hold him in our hearts, we love him so much... We are praying with everything that is within us....that the day we can hold our sweet young man in our arms comes quickly. Please pray for the rest of our journey...that we will be fully funded, according to God's plan...and that Brian will be safe and stay at the Orphanage. Pray for our spiritual, mental and physical preparation for our trip...Pray also that everything comes together and that we are there with him soon!! We still need about $1,900 dollars, we actually are praying for about $4,000 more total. With air fair on the rise and one other issue, we can not discuss at this time, we just want to make sure we have enough.

Here is a little sweet, it just tares my heart out and I cry every time I hear it. I wonder what Brian must be thinking. Does he wonder if his mom and dad will come for him some day. I pray that the Lord comforts him, and keeps him safe. I pray that He brings us all together soon.
Right now, for him it is a dream, he does not know us yet, and I pray that soon his dream will be a reality. That we, his mom and dad, get there soon!!

We are thinking of you, Brian and loving you tonight!!

My face may be different but my feelings the same
I laugh and I cry. I take pride in my gains.
I was sent here among you to teach you to love,
As God in the Heavens looks down from above.
To Him I’m no different; His love knows no bounds
It’s those here among you in cities and towns
That judge me by standards that man has imparted

But the family He’s chosen will help me get started.
For I’m one of His children so special and few
That came here to learn the same lessons as you.
That love is acceptance; it must come from the heart.
We all have the same purpose though not the same start.
The Lord gave me life to live and embrace
And I’ll do it as you do - just at my own pace.

I thank God for choosing us to raise this sweet young man...We do not take it lightly, we certainly are not worthy of the blessings of the Lord, but we praise Him for each child he gives us. We thank Him for the mercy and grace He has shown us!! God is so good!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

TWO More Days

Our Silpada Fundraiser will end on Monday the 23rd at 1:00pm pst. So if you are planning to order, time is running out, there is just a few hours more than 2 days.
This is to help bring Brian home to his forever family!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Submitted Today!!! Our Dossier Was Submitted Today!! Praise the Lord!!!

An awesome answer to prayer, our Dossier was submitted today!!! We really are getting so close....SOON we will get to hold our little boy and tell him that we love him!! I am crying....Tears of Joy!!

We will be there soon...son. Your mommy and daddy are coming for you!! We love you so much!!
Our GOD is so GOD be all the glory!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Silpada....Just ONE More Week To Shine For BRIAN'S STERLING Future

Amanda Hand Shop the retiring items catalog to benefit the Burger family’s journey to Bring Brian home!!!!
I'm thrilled to announce the release of Silpada Designs 2010-11 Retiring Items Catalog! As one of my valued Silpada Customers, you're invited to be the first to see this exclusive sneak peek and purchase"Retiring Items" while contributing to a great cause!
This way, you and your friends will be able to purchase the Silpada classics before they're gone forever! Act quickly because these items are only guaranteed to be available until July 31, 2011 and you just have to get your hands on those special pieces you've always had on your Wish List!
In the meantime, have fun, browse the 2010-11 Retiring Items Catalog, and begin creating a list of all your must-have pieces! Each retiring item that you purchase will profitthe Burger family with a 30% donation to help bring Brian home!!!

Sorry, I did not post the link. Here it is :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

SHINE today for a STERLING future for BRIAN

From my friend Amanda Hand , she is helping us to raise funds to bring Brian home!!
SHINE today for a STERLING future for BRIAN is the challenge! The Burger family needs $3,000 more to bring Brian home. The dossier is sent. Anticipation for a flight date is coming soon. WE are nearing the finish line sweet friends and it is time to SHINE for BRIAN'S future!!! This fundraiser could bring them to the finish line!!! So how can you shine for Brian???? You can shine shine shine in beautiful .925 sterling silver jewelry, SILPADA style!!!! My name is Amanda Hand and I am a Silpada representative that has adoption very close to her heart. I am donating ALL(100%) of my profit from this fundraising party to the Burger family's Reece's Rainbow account to bring Brian home. My profit is 30% of each piece of jewelry sold. It will all go to Brian. Now....if you think about it....this could be the last fundraiser the Burger's would need if we all SHINE for him. Think of all the upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just a special gift for someone you love, or even a deserved splurge on yourself...there is something for everyone, men and women, young and old. There is even a small section for sweet bella girls!!! Silpada offers over 450 pieces of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, watches, leather belts, cuff links, and more.
Let me just tell you a little bit about the jewelry before I explain how the fundraiser will work. All of the pieces are made with .925 sterling silver mixed with copper, NOT nickel. So those women who are normally allergic to sterling silver jewelry will find themselves most comfortable to wear Silpada! All of Silpada’s pieces are designed with all natural stones, shells, and semi precious gems such as coral, onyx, turquoise, and freshwater pearls to name just a few. These pieces are handcrafted in 10 different countries so that no two pieces will be exactly alike. (I am wearing a ring right now that is from Israel and another from Honduras.) Everything in the catalog has a LIFETIME guarantee on the workmanship of the product and a 60 day return/exchange policy.

So here are the details: This fundraising party will run from Monday May 9th through Monday May 23rd at 1:00 pm PST. You can browse the online catalog and place a secure order at:
once you have arrived at the above web address you want to do these things:
Click on the second tab from the left that says “SHOP NOW”
Register as a new customer (this will include setting up a shopping account like any other SECURE online shopping)
Once you have set up your shopping account, click the shop now button.
SHOP and SHOP some more. Once you find a piece you love you just add it to your basket! When you are done adding items click on the “view shopping bag” and begin the checkout process on the next page by type in for the first name of the hostess: BRINGING BRIAN HOME and for the last name of the hostess BURGER FAMILY for the hostess information. And then Follow all prompts for checkout.
You will be charged a $4 flat shipping fee for your order regardless of the size of you order and the appropriate state taxes to the address where the item is being shipped.
Once you confirm payment you can expect your pieces to arrive in the mail in 7 business days or less from the CLOSE of the party on May 23rd. Orders are not finalized until the close of the party so that means you should see your items on or around June 1st.

I am located in Italy on a Navy base so that makes phone communication difficult but not impossible, but I am just an email away. If you have any questions or you need me to call you so that you can place an order I would be glad to do so. Just send me an email at and I will get back to you ASAP with a reply. If you desire a phone call from me so that you can place an order or have other questions that you would like a phone reply for, please leave your phone number in the email and the best time to call you and your time zone. The time and time zone is important if you do not want me to wake you at “o dark thirty”!!!

I look forward to this being a SHINING success for BRIAN!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


We have been tracking our Dossier and it is in Paris!!! We are so excited, we are so close and we know Lord willing, we will travel soon!! The day when we will see our son and tell him that we love him is coming.! Wow...God is soooo good! We know that God is faithful and that He will continue to provide and bless this journey we are on. Please pray for our Dossier to get there soon and be quickly processed. Brian is at risk for being transferred, we are praying that they will know for sure that we are coming soon to get him, and that they will keep him at the baby house! We are getting ready to begin a fundraiser soon!! I will be putting another post about it soon. We are excited to see what the Lord will do. Other than that, we have not done much fundraising at all.....we do pray, and God has blessed us!! We are so amazed and thankful that God chose us to be the parents for Brian, we are SO undeserving of His goodness and blessings, but we praise Him for using us and blessing us! We will do our best to raise that young man for God's glory!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tears of Joy!!!!

Thank You JESUS our King!!!!
Today there have been Many tears of Joy!!! We sent our Dossier to Eastern Europe today.....YAY, and we have received $5,465 in donations today....most of it went to our FSP. We just want to thank you all who have donated today....I am so happy, we are so close to bringing that little boy home!!!!
Our computer is not importing the pictures right now, so I will write more later and try to add some pictures!!!