Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Desire to Help, A Need For Help

We are not fully funded yet, and I am concerned that we won't get this last little bit, just $1,890. I know God is in control, I know He wants us to lean on Him. We are asking for help from our friends, both far and near, to get that last of the needed travel funds. I know MANY of you who are reading this have given already. We are not asking that you give more, but we do need help and prayers.We have an amazing church family...they have prayed for us, loved us and helped us on this journey in many ways. I have heard about a few RR families who do not have the support of their churches, I am very thankful for our church family and do not want to take that for granted. We are truly blessed and I praise God for my church!! There are two young men in our church who have stepped up to help. First Cody H., a very talented young man...he truly is an amzing artist, I can't wait to see how the Lord will use this young man's talent for His glory. Cody is a Child of God, a Boy Scout and an awesome Son and Brother. He is also a dear friend to our family. We love him and his family, they are a blessing to us. He drew a picture of a Mallard and put it in a frame....I am telling you, this is a Cody H. Original......He will one day be very well known, I am sure :) We are trying to decide how to get the most from the picture he drew for us to
help raise some funds.
 So here is the picture he drew.
 The third picture tells about the frame.

$100 and please add $25 for shipping.

The next young man is M,(I need to talk to his parents and ask if I can use his name, sor for now, he is M) he is very thoughtful, and is doing what he can to help. He collects rocks, he has many...different shapes and sizes. Well he is giving up some of his rocks to help us raise funds...he knows that little Brian is worth it!! I am in the process of getting pictures of those rocks.
I will add them to my blog very soon!!

I have also had several young people walk up and hand me change or just hand me a few dollars here and there! They all know how important our jouney is and they know how important Brian is to Jesus!! We can learn from children, they have such faith in God.

So we need more to get this last bit of travel funds.
We need our friends to rally around us, we need help and prayer.

I also saw a sweet friend tonight, Michelle...she is planning to have a bake sale to help us, she has enlisted the help of her daughter and two of her daughters friends. They need a little bit of time, so we will see how it goes!! I am amazed that God is using children in this way to help. I could juct cry taers of joy...these children are all amazing!!

All of these children have truly touched our hearts in an amazing way!!
We praise God for them!!

If You Can!! :) You Can Pray!!

Please don't forget the "Your Place in this World" puzzle fundraiser!! I know it is not very popular right now, but every little bit truly does help.

Bill & Sheri (Brian's mom and dad)

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Molly said...

Hi Sheri, sending you a check to RR and will put your name in the memo.
sorry it will be Tuesday since it is the holiday weekend
Praying for you and sweet Brian!! GOD will do it!!