Monday, May 9, 2011

SHINE today for a STERLING future for BRIAN

From my friend Amanda Hand , she is helping us to raise funds to bring Brian home!!
SHINE today for a STERLING future for BRIAN is the challenge! The Burger family needs $3,000 more to bring Brian home. The dossier is sent. Anticipation for a flight date is coming soon. WE are nearing the finish line sweet friends and it is time to SHINE for BRIAN'S future!!! This fundraiser could bring them to the finish line!!! So how can you shine for Brian???? You can shine shine shine in beautiful .925 sterling silver jewelry, SILPADA style!!!! My name is Amanda Hand and I am a Silpada representative that has adoption very close to her heart. I am donating ALL(100%) of my profit from this fundraising party to the Burger family's Reece's Rainbow account to bring Brian home. My profit is 30% of each piece of jewelry sold. It will all go to Brian. Now....if you think about it....this could be the last fundraiser the Burger's would need if we all SHINE for him. Think of all the upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just a special gift for someone you love, or even a deserved splurge on yourself...there is something for everyone, men and women, young and old. There is even a small section for sweet bella girls!!! Silpada offers over 450 pieces of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, watches, leather belts, cuff links, and more.
Let me just tell you a little bit about the jewelry before I explain how the fundraiser will work. All of the pieces are made with .925 sterling silver mixed with copper, NOT nickel. So those women who are normally allergic to sterling silver jewelry will find themselves most comfortable to wear Silpada! All of Silpada’s pieces are designed with all natural stones, shells, and semi precious gems such as coral, onyx, turquoise, and freshwater pearls to name just a few. These pieces are handcrafted in 10 different countries so that no two pieces will be exactly alike. (I am wearing a ring right now that is from Israel and another from Honduras.) Everything in the catalog has a LIFETIME guarantee on the workmanship of the product and a 60 day return/exchange policy.

So here are the details: This fundraising party will run from Monday May 9th through Monday May 23rd at 1:00 pm PST. You can browse the online catalog and place a secure order at:
once you have arrived at the above web address you want to do these things:
Click on the second tab from the left that says “SHOP NOW”
Register as a new customer (this will include setting up a shopping account like any other SECURE online shopping)
Once you have set up your shopping account, click the shop now button.
SHOP and SHOP some more. Once you find a piece you love you just add it to your basket! When you are done adding items click on the “view shopping bag” and begin the checkout process on the next page by type in for the first name of the hostess: BRINGING BRIAN HOME and for the last name of the hostess BURGER FAMILY for the hostess information. And then Follow all prompts for checkout.
You will be charged a $4 flat shipping fee for your order regardless of the size of you order and the appropriate state taxes to the address where the item is being shipped.
Once you confirm payment you can expect your pieces to arrive in the mail in 7 business days or less from the CLOSE of the party on May 23rd. Orders are not finalized until the close of the party so that means you should see your items on or around June 1st.

I am located in Italy on a Navy base so that makes phone communication difficult but not impossible, but I am just an email away. If you have any questions or you need me to call you so that you can place an order I would be glad to do so. Just send me an email at and I will get back to you ASAP with a reply. If you desire a phone call from me so that you can place an order or have other questions that you would like a phone reply for, please leave your phone number in the email and the best time to call you and your time zone. The time and time zone is important if you do not want me to wake you at “o dark thirty”!!!

I look forward to this being a SHINING success for BRIAN!!!!

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Molly said...

FANTASTIC IDEA-Amanda thank you for your incredible generosity and faith for the Burgers!
I am DEFINITELY making a purchase and passing this on to friends. Great stuff

Molly Auble