Monday, June 27, 2011

We Love Him

We Love Him!!! They say he was being a silly boy because he was so excited....and he was very excited to see his mama and papa!!! He is a treasure for sure!!! The visit was short, and we don't get to see him again until Wednesday :( I cried when he went back to his groupa. It was hard to leave. We Love Him!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


We recieved our referral today, and we are leaving soon for Brian's region!!!! Several families received their referrals.....Praise the LORD!!!!! We will meet our little boy so soon!!
My ankle is doing well, but I have a huge blister on my foot. Please pray for a quick healing, other than that, we are doing well!!

Bryan, Brady and Sarah
We miss you all so much!!!! We are praying for you!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Appointment Day!

Our appointment was this morning, it went very well. We hope to get a referral tomorrow. We would then be able to travel to Brian's region. If we don't get it tomorrow, then we won't see him until Monday. Please pray for a quick court date and an adoption friendly judge. We have met 8 other RR families so far, we have heard there are between 30 to 40 RR families here in country, Wow!!

We praise God for all He has done for us, today there was a few things for us, that God just took care of. I love our Savior..Faithful is ALL things!! What a Mighty GOD we serve!! Today has been a great day!!

Right outside the building where had had our appointment today.

Right next to the same building.

This Picture is for Sarah, she likes puppies.

Bill & I with the Smiths.

Please pray for things to continue to go well and quickly. We miss our children, so much more than we could ever express with words, it is so hard leaving them behind, but we know God will take good care of them.
We also miss our church family!!
Thank you all for your prayers, we knew that many were praying for us, it was a comfort to us, as you pray for us, please pray for the many families here to adopt special needs children. Also, we have dear friends at home in the process of adoption, please pray for them as well!!

God bless you,
Bill & Sheri

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Are Here!!!!

We are here!!! We arrived safely in Brian's country today. We flew out Sunday evening, we had a wonderful layover somewhere special, our Pastor suggested that we take a little bit of time together at the beginning of our trip. Thank you Pastor!! We are so glad we took some much needed time together, our lives are about to change in a big and amazing way. The Lord is giving us another child to love and to raise for His glory. Thank you Jesus!!

So the first day we had a layover in a place where neither of us have ever been before. We loved it, we hope to go back some day when we have a little more time. I would love to post all the pictures we took, but that would make this a VERY LONG blog post, and we did not take as many pictures as we would like to have taken, it started to big deal, we are used to it, but juggling our cameras and the umbrella was not fun.

We must have been doing somthing right, a lady with a british accent asked us, the people with our USA accents "Is this the way to Buckingham Palace?" Wr replied "Yes"...then as she walked away, we said quietly to each other..."we think so". It indeed was the way to Buckingham Palace! :)

Well, I need to go, I will post more later. Please pray for our Appointment on Thursday, pray that things go well. Pray for our children that are at home, and our daughter who is staying with some friends. It was so hard Sunday when we left, I had a HUGE lump in my throat when we left, and it lasted a long time. I start to get another lump in my throat when I think of my children. I would get a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart, if I were still at home and not here right now.
 I love all my children.
To God be all the glory!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


We have been Committed to little Brian since October of 2010. We have sat here at this desk for hours upon hours, Chasing Papers, Writing Blog Posts, Fundraising., and looking at Brian's picture, we have one right here at the desk. We have watched so many families make their journey to bring home their new child. We have prayed for these children, their families. We have prayed for many court dates, for families who had to fight a good fight to get their children.

Right now, it is our turn, to go get our little boy. Words can not express how we feel inside right now, we are on our way, we will fly over the top, then a short layover in London and on to Brian's country! It is so surreal right now. We know others are praying for us, they will pray while we are in our first appointment on the 23rd, they will be praying for our court date.

As I sit here, I try to wrap my mind around it all, I know it is because of the goodness of our Lord!! He has done it ALL for us!! To God be all the glory!! We are overwhelmed with His goodness, we praise Him alone, for this journey. We look forward to the day that we get to hold Brian, and tell him we are his mama and papa, and that we love him. We are thankful as God continues with us on this journey. His timing is perfect, and we don't want it any other way!!

We still need, $1,560....the last of our travel funds, please help if you can. Pray that God provides, share this also. Thanks!

In Christ,
Bill & Sheri

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We have been praying for a June date.... We were just hoping to be there the last week of June. Wow!!! God is so amazing!!
We have an appointment date for
 June 23, ....
We Praise God!!!
He is so good!!
Please pray for us, we have just 6 days to get everything ready!! Before we know it, we will be hugging our sweet little boy, we will get to tell him that we love him!! We are so excited!!
We still need $1,710.... Please help if you can.
Sorry about the highlighting, I can not get rid of it.

In Christ,
Bill & Sheri

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Very Urgent Prayer Needed

We will NOT be getting a travel date this week. We hope to get one next week.
 Please pray that we get travel dates for June.
We are in a small group with two other families, the Saders and the Smiths....Please pray for all of us, to get to Eastern Europe soon!! These children have been waiting long enough, it is time for them to come home!!

Melanie for the Sader Family

Winston for the Smith Family

Brian for the Burger Family

Please pray for us to be fully funded soon. We need ADVOCATES to help us!! We need YOUR help!
We still need $1,860. Please HELP if you can.
Please pray for us...God can do it, we need to pray!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At The Top

We are at the top of this "Roller Coaster" Journey. We have gone up a lot of hills and down a few small ones. We are finally at the top of the biggest hill, waiting for our coaster to go over and down to all the turns, spirals and loops of this journey! The travel, seeing him for the first time, we really just want to get there!!
Right now It is is so hard to wait!! God knows it is hard for me, and I know His timing is perfect and there is a reason why we are waiting. God is in control. Brian is such a sweet boy, we love him so much!! Christ has put us on this journey, He has been with us each step of the way, His timing in our lives has proved to be perfect over and over again. We are so thankful for God to work in our lives...we would not want this journey any other way!! His way is perfect. We serve a risen Savior!!
Please Pray for Brian, that God keeps him safe and that he won't be transferred to an institution, pray that we get there soon. Pray for us to wait patiently on the Lord!
Pray that we get the rest of our travel funds.
We still need $1,860...
How many people would it take to get that amount if everyone gave $10...
$50... or maybe
Let's see if we can get this amount by next Wednesday...
Won't you help if you can.
Isn't He Worth It!!!

God Bless,
Bill & Sheri