Thursday, June 9, 2011

Very Urgent Prayer Needed

We will NOT be getting a travel date this week. We hope to get one next week.
 Please pray that we get travel dates for June.
We are in a small group with two other families, the Saders and the Smiths....Please pray for all of us, to get to Eastern Europe soon!! These children have been waiting long enough, it is time for them to come home!!

Melanie for the Sader Family

Winston for the Smith Family

Brian for the Burger Family

Please pray for us to be fully funded soon. We need ADVOCATES to help us!! We need YOUR help!
We still need $1,860. Please HELP if you can.
Please pray for us...God can do it, we need to pray!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, we used the chip-in to donate $10 for 1 more puzzle piece. We would like MN in honor of my dad if it's still available. Thanks!
Angie R.

Rochelle said...