Friday, June 24, 2011


We recieved our referral today, and we are leaving soon for Brian's region!!!! Several families received their referrals.....Praise the LORD!!!!! We will meet our little boy so soon!!
My ankle is doing well, but I have a huge blister on my foot. Please pray for a quick healing, other than that, we are doing well!!

Bryan, Brady and Sarah
We miss you all so much!!!! We are praying for you!!!


Holly Hilson said...

WOOOHOOO! Praise the Lord!!!

Rochelle said...

YAHOO! Have been waiting to hear this news all day! Can't wait to see pics.

Simpson Family said...

Hello Ethel,
Lucy loves you and is praying for you ;-) Hug that precious little boy for me, wrap him in his blanket and tell him that his Auntie loves him and can't wait to snuggle him!!
Love you my friend,

Faith for Hope said...

Glad you're doing well... will pray for you foot. Miss you guys much. Can't wait to see pics of Brian! We love you! Grace