Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love

I am blessed to be married to a truly amazing man, my husband Bill. This last Tuesday was his birthday, he and I were able to spend the entire day together. It was a much needed day. It was a wonderful day!!

I appreciate my husband more than he knows, he loves Jesus more than he loves me, I am so glad for that. He is a great husband and father and leader of our family.  He is my very best friend, I am so thankful for him.

He lives a very full and busy life. He serves the Lord in many ways, he works hard and provides well for our family. Yes I am bragging on my hubby, I don't get to do that very often. He wears many hats, and I appreciate all of that, I love the kind of man he is, I love how the Lord has grown him over the 25 years of our marriage. He truly is the perfect man for me, and I thank God often for giving him to me. I Love My Man!

Happy Birthday My Love

Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Time For Him

Friday was a great day. We  celebrated  Max's 6th birthday and there were many first involved in this. It was his first birthday in the US, it was his first birthday outside of an orphanage, It was most likely his first birthday that he even knew was his, and it was his first birthday as our son. A great day of first for our son.
Max also had his first Thanksgiving on Thursday.....Wow!!! He loved all the excitement involved in the final touches on all the food, and bringing it to the table, he was so giddy and very excited. He knew that this meal was different. We took time to give God thanks for all the blessings, for everything, then we served Max, he loved it!!! He was grinning, and savoring every bite. It was a joy, to see him.

Happy Birthday Sweet Max Man, We Love You!!

Bill & Sheri

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brady's Day!

Today, we are so thankful that 18 years ago, our son Brady was born.
 It is hard to believe, he is 18 today.....time does go by quickly!

Brady has been an amazing young man, he has a desire to live for the Lord, he is a blessing to his family!

Happy Birthday Brady!! We Love You Son!!

Brady and his friend Samuel (they are so young here)
They have been good friends for a long time. 

Getting ready to ride

Brady and Samuel

Brady and his sister Sarah.
 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Brady and Samuel

Shooting at the Puyallup Fair!

Boy Scouts

Brady and his Scoutmaster

Brady, Samuel & Dereck

Mini Golfing with his brother Bryan

Brady with his new brother Max
We are so happy to have been blessed by our son Brady, we are looking forward to his future and what the Lord has in store for Brady!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your Face

When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change, because Max, you're amazing just the way you are!!!!!

Max is doing well, he has now come to each family member by choice, when we call him. 
He seems to be VERY happy.
He loves his brothers and sister.
He loves to be held now, we try to hold him and love on him as much as he lets us. He is a sweet child, and he has a fun personality. He is a beautiful young man, and we are so blessed!
He has such a fun laugh, and a smile that is so contagious. He loves water, all water, when we go out into the rain, he loves to feel it on his face. He loves showers,....and He loves puddles, when he finds them
and can get to them!
He seems to like church, it is so precious, when we are praying at church and at home, he tries so hard to close his eyes. He loves his Wednesday School Class (like Sunday school) He knows right where his class is.
He is such a smart young man, we can not wait to see what God has planned for Max, it is our prayer that Max's life will give God glory!
To have been given the privilege to raise a child that has Down Syndrome has been a huge blessing for us. He is indeed a greater blessing to us, than we could ever hope to be to him.
He is so amazing, I say that a lot, but truly, he is so AMAZING!!
We Love you Max!

The above picture was taken by some sweet friends of ours, they offered to take our first family pictures with Max. They did an awesome job!
Thank You Henson Family!!!

Bill & Sheri

Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Fun Pictures has been awhile since I have updated our blog. Needless to say, we have been very busy. Doctors appointments for Max and Dental for Sarah(she broke a tooth, actually, Max hit her jaw with his head, in an upward motion....ouch) We have had a lot happening, we are all doing well and Max is really settling in. We had family camp just a couple of weeks after we got back, and we also took Max to the zoo!

There is a lot more to say, but we are getting things ready to go for family pictures tomorrow. I am so excited, Max will be in our pictures...sometimes I look at him and think to myself...he is here :) He is home where he belongs!!

Max is learning to hug us, he is so cute...he holds his arms out, that is a hug, he does not wrap his arms around us yet, but we don't mind. Today, he gave me four kisses, he just softly puts his mouth to my cheek, then he giggles. He is so AMAZING!! We are so thankful for our little boy!

So here are some pictures, I will write more later.

He was so excited the day we arrived at family camp, he did not know what was happening, but his brothers and sister were so excited that he was also excited.

So happy to see each other!

Obadiah, one of Max's friends.

This pictured should be turned, Max found water, he LOVES water!

Max and his friend Obadiah, they are so cute!!

Zip line....Max was watching and he knew it was his daddy, he turned all the way around to watch dad go by..

100% Boy, he found the only mud puddle at family camp!!

Then he found a sprinkler...

He did not want to leave the sprinkler.

Kitchen Duty at camp!

He kept up like a pro!

Ezekiel, one of Max's friends

Getting ready to hear preaching of the Word of God !

Max loved the camp fire, we had to keep him in the stroller.

Brother and sister, she was happy Bryan was there to help!

Dad followed her, he wanted to be able to encourage her...she did have a moment up there when she was scared.

Aunt April, so much fun!!
Looking at the Waterfall

More pictures soon of the Zoo and Max's first time to the State Fair.