Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brady's Day!

Today, we are so thankful that 18 years ago, our son Brady was born.
 It is hard to believe, he is 18 today.....time does go by quickly!

Brady has been an amazing young man, he has a desire to live for the Lord, he is a blessing to his family!

Happy Birthday Brady!! We Love You Son!!

Brady and his friend Samuel (they are so young here)
They have been good friends for a long time. 

Getting ready to ride

Brady and Samuel

Brady and his sister Sarah.
 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Brady and Samuel

Shooting at the Puyallup Fair!

Boy Scouts

Brady and his Scoutmaster

Brady, Samuel & Dereck

Mini Golfing with his brother Bryan

Brady with his new brother Max
We are so happy to have been blessed by our son Brady, we are looking forward to his future and what the Lord has in store for Brady!!


Sasha Marie Smith said...

Brady is a wonderful young man. Noah is thankful to have him for a friend. I cannot believe he is 18! Where does the time go? We look forward to spending more time with you all. Love, Sasha

Faith for Hope said...

Happy Birthday Brady!!! Your mom's right... time does fly. Wow... you were only 11 when we met you all! Hope you have a great year! Love, The Potvin Crew

Emily's Posts said...

Happy birthday, Brady! You have been a great friend to Samuel!!

The Broxton's said...

can NOT believe he is 18!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Brady!!!