Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Fun Pictures has been awhile since I have updated our blog. Needless to say, we have been very busy. Doctors appointments for Max and Dental for Sarah(she broke a tooth, actually, Max hit her jaw with his head, in an upward motion....ouch) We have had a lot happening, we are all doing well and Max is really settling in. We had family camp just a couple of weeks after we got back, and we also took Max to the zoo!

There is a lot more to say, but we are getting things ready to go for family pictures tomorrow. I am so excited, Max will be in our pictures...sometimes I look at him and think to myself...he is here :) He is home where he belongs!!

Max is learning to hug us, he is so cute...he holds his arms out, that is a hug, he does not wrap his arms around us yet, but we don't mind. Today, he gave me four kisses, he just softly puts his mouth to my cheek, then he giggles. He is so AMAZING!! We are so thankful for our little boy!

So here are some pictures, I will write more later.

He was so excited the day we arrived at family camp, he did not know what was happening, but his brothers and sister were so excited that he was also excited.

So happy to see each other!

Obadiah, one of Max's friends.

This pictured should be turned, Max found water, he LOVES water!

Max and his friend Obadiah, they are so cute!!

Zip line....Max was watching and he knew it was his daddy, he turned all the way around to watch dad go by..

100% Boy, he found the only mud puddle at family camp!!

Then he found a sprinkler...

He did not want to leave the sprinkler.

Kitchen Duty at camp!

He kept up like a pro!

Ezekiel, one of Max's friends

Getting ready to hear preaching of the Word of God !

Max loved the camp fire, we had to keep him in the stroller.

Brother and sister, she was happy Bryan was there to help!

Dad followed her, he wanted to be able to encourage her...she did have a moment up there when she was scared.

Aunt April, so much fun!!
Looking at the Waterfall

More pictures soon of the Zoo and Max's first time to the State Fair.


Emily's Posts said...

It was a great family camp! Max had so much fun! He has a smile that is so contagious!!!

Faith for Hope said...

I wish you had a video to share of Pastor playing catch with Max. That was so much fun to watch. ~ Grace

The Broxton's said...

oh my word i love the photos of our 2 boys!