Monday, September 12, 2011

She Has a Family, Please Help

Amanda Has a Family!!
I am helping a friend, so take a look and please help if you can.

Below is a write up, I have desired to help other families on their journey, we are very excited to help the Evans Family start their Adoption Journey to get Amanda. They have their first fundraiser going right now, so please take a look!

Bill & Sheri
Hi!  My name is Lauren and my husband and I have just started our adoption journey. (  We are in the process of completing our home study, and our sweet girl, Amanda, has just moved from the waiting child list to the MY FAMILY FOUND ME LIST!  Can you hear my excitement?!?  :)
Anyways, we need to get moving on our fundraising, and since I'm a Scentsy consultant, we thought we'd try a Scentsy Fundraiser first!  All proceeds from my business will be going towards her adoption.
If you like candles, you'll LOVE Scentsy.  If you love candles, you will be ADDICTED to Scentsy.   
Here is the write up I posted on my blog:
When you start the adoption process, Reece's Rainbow highly recommends starting an adoption blog to help get the word out about your rescue mission to save the world, one child at a time.

After all, how else are we going to beg ask politely for money to bring this sweet girl home.  The costs?? ( Or as one great blogger calls it, RANSOM)  Approximately $30,000!

I know.

We are a little stressed about that, but we also know that our God can handle anything.  We will be doing fundraisers to help raise the majority ALL of the money.  As soon as we can, I will have a button on the side bar, which will allow for tax-deductible donations to be made just for Alaina.  The money goes towards her adoption, and her adoption only.

For starters, I am having a Scentsy (naturally) fundraiser for our sweet pea.  It starts today, and ends on my birthday, the 26th.  I make 25% off the sales, and the entire 25% will be used towards her adoption.  We have about $950 in costs coming up soon, and my goal is to raise half of that!  If the party totals $2000, I will earn $500!  I know it's steep, but I want to at least try for that.  Please, spread the word, share my blog, and get your birthday, anniversary, just because, I'm sorry, I just want to help, I love Scentsy, Christmas shopping done!!  Click on this link to shop the fundraiser party on my website!  It will help save a little girls life, plus your house will smell good and you won't have to clean anymore because your house will smell clean, thus giving the illusion of a clean home.  Am I rambling yet?  Oh, and Scentsy just came out with a new catalog, and fall/Christmas have to check it out!

Oh, and I should mention, for a lack of confusion, we were told to use her RR name, Amanda, so that there is no confusion as to which child we are trying to adopt.  We are still naming her Alaina, but for fundraising we are calling her by her RR name, Amanda.  :)

If you are interested (please) in helping us bring Amanda home you can shop her fundraiser by clicking on the link below.
Any questions, you can email me at
Lauren, Adam, and family


The Mac's House said...

Super excited for them and Amanda!

LaurenJo said...

Sheri!! Oh, to see her picture up, thank you SO MUCH for that. My heart welled up with pride, oh how I love that sweet girl!! Thank you so much for putting our first fundraiser up on your blog. ( And I'm thinking I didn't need to send you my entire post..haha)