Thursday, June 23, 2011

Appointment Day!

Our appointment was this morning, it went very well. We hope to get a referral tomorrow. We would then be able to travel to Brian's region. If we don't get it tomorrow, then we won't see him until Monday. Please pray for a quick court date and an adoption friendly judge. We have met 8 other RR families so far, we have heard there are between 30 to 40 RR families here in country, Wow!!

We praise God for all He has done for us, today there was a few things for us, that God just took care of. I love our Savior..Faithful is ALL things!! What a Mighty GOD we serve!! Today has been a great day!!

Right outside the building where had had our appointment today.

Right next to the same building.

This Picture is for Sarah, she likes puppies.

Bill & I with the Smiths.

Please pray for things to continue to go well and quickly. We miss our children, so much more than we could ever express with words, it is so hard leaving them behind, but we know God will take good care of them.
We also miss our church family!!
Thank you all for your prayers, we knew that many were praying for us, it was a comfort to us, as you pray for us, please pray for the many families here to adopt special needs children. Also, we have dear friends at home in the process of adoption, please pray for them as well!!

God bless you,
Bill & Sheri


Julia said...

One BIG step closer to getting that boy in your arms!!!!

Melissa said...

I am praying that your trip continues to go smoothly!

schoolmother said...

I'm glad the SDA appt went well and do hope you get your referral tomorrow. Your picts brought back great memories. I am so excited that there are SO MANY RR families there now!!!! Wow!

Faith for Hope said...

PRAYING MUCH here!!! Lots of Love, Grace