Thursday, August 25, 2011

Very Different Now

We have had a interesting week so far, we are renting a house, and the last several wind storms there have been trees that fall. The owners of this property have decided to cut down most of the trees, I think someone said they are cutting down 76 trees.....I did not realize there were that many trees, but now that I see logs everywhere...well, there are a lot of logs laying on the ground. They are not finished yet, they just finished the front yard and have moved to the back yard. It is neat to watch those men plan on the place for each tree to land......and they do land where they are supposed to....there is more to logging than I realized.


Faith for Hope said...

I can't believe how different it looks! I drove by yesterday... and I don't know how you can bear the noise. Hopefully they will be done soon. I'm sure the kids are enjoying all the action (maybe??). Lots of "new" stuff for Max to see. :) Grace

Amanda said...

I bet having a sunny yard is nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill and Sheri!! I found your blog on RR and just wanted to say congrats on your new son! It's so great to see him out of that orphanage! My family lives in Kingston, and we are wanting to adopt a little girl from RR. I was wondering if I could bother you and ask which agency you used for your home study and if you recommend them. My email is I'm sure you are very busy and appreciate any help you could give! Again congrats on your sweet boy!!