Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Beautiful Day

On a beautiful warm sunny day, we decided to take Max to the Beach. First we decided to just walk on the beach, there was a cool breeze coming off the water, it was nice. Max seemed to be content, but he started to watch the waves roll, and wanted to be in the water. It was warm enough out, that I let the children go wading.....he loved it!!! The water was cold, so I did not let them stay in very long, but Max had a blast. We all had a great day! I praise God for the beautiful day and His creation! Wonder at the creation, worship the Creator, to God be the glory, forever!!

Bill & Sheri


Jenny said...

Oh Sheri! What wonderful, beautiful pictures! I just love Max's face when he got to feel the water. It looks like it was just the most perfect, wonderful day. And oh my goodness, what a beautiful beach!! Where is that at? You can tell me privately, if you prefer... I really want to go there with my children! Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful day and your beautiful family. What a glorious blessing.

Faith for Hope said...

Too cute!!! Jenny's right, that beach is beautiful! Love the pictures... esp. of Brady and Max... and the one of the three of them walking in the water. Glad we were able to spend time with you all at family camp. Hugs, Grace