Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet Children

This is a Very Special Group of Children. They worked to raise money to help us Bring Brian Home!! My family and I want those children to know that they are a blessing and we are praying for them.Thank you all for serving the Lord and helping to Bring Brian Home!!
It was so amazing for us to see God working in our adoption process. We know He has put the burden on our heart to adopt Brian and we know that He will provide. Even when it seems that the well has run dry and so many families are not doing well at all with their fundraisers, we know that God will make a way. As I write this I think of the many families I know that are trying hard to raise the funds they need. When I see this picture of those sweet children I am reminded that GOD is in control!!!! So to all of my REECE"S RAINBOW FRIENDS out there trying hard to raise money to bring those sweet children home.....Remember GOD  is in control and He will provide.