Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Measure Up.......

I have learned so much about myself since we have been on this Adoption Journey. I have been a servant of Jesus Christ since I was 16 years old. There have been times in my walk with the Lord when I have been steadily growing and times when I have been struggling. I am definitely not perfect that is for sure. I do strive to please the Lord with my life, I want Him to get all the glory from my life! As we travel this journey to bring Brian home, I have daily opportunities to see where I am at with the Lord. God put the burden for Brian on our hearts, we have NO doubt that God is right here in the midst of this adoption. Daily He reveals himself in big ways or small ways, but we know He is here with us!
We know many families that are on or have been on this adoption journey, it would be easy to get our eyes off of God and on to others,where they are at and measure ourselves with them. It would be easy to get our eyes off of God and on this situation with Brian...he may be transferred if we don't get there quickly. It would be easy to get our eyes off of God and on to all that WE are doing to bring Brain home, and to top it off, the sin which doth so easily beset us, rears its ugly self once again. For me it is worry.....my besetting sin...worry. My husband...Mr. Steady has really helped me in so many ways, to see the times in this journey when I am allowing worry to take over, when I start to lose focus on the Lord. I am so thankful for a godly husband who loves the Lord so much, who wants to help his wife to grow in the Lord. So, like my husband, I try to measure myself with the Lord daily. I know that He is in control, He knows right where our friends are at and at times has allowed us to see Him work things out for them. He knows far better than we do exactly where Brian is and what the situation is, He loves that little man more than we could ever comprehend, He reminds me often that we do have our part in this journey....paper chasing, fundraising...and that that we could not get it done without Him! And ....uh..um.........the WORRY...I can get victory if I give it all to Him, daily! God is so good and if I want to measure up, than He is the only one I need to measure my life with!! I do fail sometimes and God picks me back up and sets me straight on the right path again, I am thankful for a God who is so long suffering for me, and He never gives up on me! I am thankful for my church, all the sermons lately have something that God has revealed to me that helps me on this journey!! GOD is so AMAZING, I love this wonderful, mighty GOD that I serve and I praise Him for all that He is to me!!
Please check back soon, we are going to be having our DESSERT AUCTION SOON!! Thanks!!


Molly said...

Hi Missy-
I was wondering if $5,000 is what you need to get over there and get Brian now. Just exactly how much do you need to book a flight and go? I want to help

MissyB said...

$5,000 would certainly help. Right now we have $5,917.50 and we have heard that we need $20,000 for travel and in country fee's. We are getting close. Thank you so much for your desire to help us!

Sheri (Missy)

The Abell Family said...

Sheri, we love you guys! You are right, God knows where Brian is and he knows when you guys need to scoop him up. God will provide and I can't wait to see the miracles he has in store for your family & little Brian. We are here if you need us, just a phone call or fb away =)