Monday, February 7, 2011

Dessert Auction Coming Soon!!

We are constantly looking for ways to raise funds to help us bring Brian home, right now we are selling food items. We are selling my husband's Delicious BBQ Beef, $10.00 a pound, it comes frozen, with easy directions for heating, it is very good. We have a friend that makes some Awesome Lasagna 1 pan for $30.00, it also comes frozen with easy cooking instructions. We have had many people buy both to help us and we have had great feedback for both items!! This is for the locals only...unless you are willing to pay extra for Special Shipping.
We are getting ready to start a Dessert Auction on our blog, we hope to have it up and running in  a few days, there are just a few more details to work out. Should be very exciting...unfortunately it is once again for local people only, unless someone would like to pay extra for Special Shipping. The Desserts are all home made by several ladies from our church and some friends who live in our area. I will gather pictures of the dessert and post them, then we will accept bids, when the auction is finished we will coordinate to have the desserts MADE FRESH. This will be FUN!!
So Check back really soon to see our list of Wonderful Desserts!!
Thank you all for your prayers!!


Garth and Becky said...

Your BBQ beef is very yummy, as are Malissa's lasangas. We love helping to have a part in bringing Brian home.

Kellan's momma said...

I'd be all over both if I lived where you do! Sounds yummy! I'll catch another fundraiser tho!