Friday, February 25, 2011

Are You Hungry??

We had hoped to have a Dessert Auction at a Fundraiser we were planning to have, but things did not work out as we had hoped. I had a sweet friend suggest to me, to have a Dessert Blog here it is!
Some of these items we can ship....the cookies, rice crispy treats and cake balls. Some of them we will not be able to ship. Please take a careful, if you're not will be!!
Remember, this is to help us Bring Brian Home!!
When this auction is over,  you can decide when you would like to have your Dessert made for you.
BTW, some of these ladies had pictures for me, but not all of them. So some of these Pictures I found on the Internet, but what you get will be GOOD, you will not be disappointed!!
 Dessert Auction will END at 11:59pm Wednesday March 2nd.
Sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience!


Rochelle said...

What a great idea. Praying it is a huge success for you guys!

Garth and Becky said...

When is the auction over?

Jenny B. said...

Fabulous idea! Wish I was closer. YUM!