Monday, July 25, 2011


Webster’s 1828 defines REALITY as: Actual being or existence of anything; truth; fact; in distinction from mere appearance. Something intrinsically important, not merely matter of show.

In this adoption journey that started over 9 months ago, we have gone from not thinking about trying to adopt again, to saying that maybe someday we will look into it again, to a time where God placed in our hearts a desire to adopt a certain little boy from Eastern Europe that has Down Syndrome.
During this time we have had many days when we were not sure it was going to happen. There were times of discouragement, times of frustration, times of encouragement from many friends, but through all of this was a knowledge that we could not do this on our own but only through the strength of God and in his timing.

Then came the day that we boarded a plane to fly almost half way around the world to start the in-country process, but it still seemed surreal to us. After we had our SDA appointment we left for the region he was in the next night. Our first day (Saturday) there was very discouraging, we had a place to stay for only one day and they were not sure when they could get us place after that. God then showed us He was still in control, we called the missionary here that we knew of and they were able to put us up for a couple of days and then on Monday with one phone call, we had an apartment for a month. Since then, we have seen may things that God has done to make this adoption process a reality.
Then on July 22nd 2011, it became a REALITY!!! Max became our son and he is quietly sleeping on the couch right now. It is no longer, is it going to happen or this is very surreal to us. It is now a REALITY that God has placed in our care this little boy to Love for the rest of our lives. God’s word tells us in Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Once more, we have been shown that when it comes to God, He can make what we think is almost an impossibility to be a REALITY in His power and timing. We have and will continue to Praise God for His goodness, mercy and grace He has bestowed upon us with our new son Max.


Sasha Marie Smith said...

Praise the Lord! I know how you feel and how you felt - wondering how it would all work out. Our circumstances are different, but we have the same great God, who is in control and doing things we did not expect or believe were possible. We are excited for you and excited to see you soon!

David and Carolyn said...

Praise the Lord for His steadfastness and being unchangeable. Praise Him for a new son for the Burger Family!!!! So happy for you.

JRH said...

Congratulations! So happy for you and Max. You've saved his life, literally. The Lord has blessed you and seen you through this journey, and I'm so happy for your family.

Faith for Hope said...

Praise the LORD!!! We are SOOOO excited for your family! We can't wait till you get home and we can finally meet the newest little Burger. Many prayers and much love, Grace