Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Analyzed & in Context

For those who know me (Bill), you know that I am constantly analyzing things around me. It is no different here in Eastern Europe. So with that, I have analyzed and put into context things here in Eastern Europe. It has been surprising to see that things that really matter are not that much different between America and Eastern Europe.
Every day we watch people walk by the orphanage towards an Orthodox Monastery and give tribute to pictures of “holy men” of their faith. This is a faith that believes in works and baptism salvation. It saddens the heart to see so many people who do not know that true salvation is a repented heart. These people here live a life with many of superstitious beliefs, including one that bad things will happen to them if they touch a person with Downs Syndrome. They believe these children are invalid, therefore are worth nothing.
But what about Americans?  How many American people who say they are religious, believe the same way. A majority of Americans believe in some sort of works salvation and have many of their own superstitious beliefs (e.g., don’t walk under ladders, don’t cross a black cat’s path………..)Americans may say they have a heart for those with special needs, but in reality most do not treat them equally. They either shun them or go out of their way to avoid them most of the time. It is usually only when there is some type of reward or acknowledgement for them, do they open up to these special people. It is easier for them to open their wallet and hand out some money for someone else to do the work with special people than to do any of it themselves. They don’t have the time or do not know how (they don’t want to know how).
Yes, there are more special needs children in Eastern Europe orphanages than in American orphanages, but here are the simple truths of why. Americans either want their children with special needs or through the technical advances in medicine and testing  they simply abort them in America. The people of Eastern Europe do not really have this option. So, as Americans, are we really any different than those here in Eastern Europe?  

Here are some more pictures of our time with "Brian"

This is him very excited!!


Julia said...

He is precious precious precious!!

Ben and Melanie said...

VERY VERY Well said

Faith for Hope said...

So true!! Sad... but true. If only we could see past ourselves more often .... I love the pictures! Can't wait to see that smile in person! He's adorable! Just a few more weeks ... miss you both. Still praying about your court date. Grace

Mandy said...

Well said and I agree 100%! Also, your boy is amazing! Love the absolute JOY in the last picture.

Rochelle said...

Great post Bill. We were invited to attend an orthodox church while we were here. We explained our beliefs and shared our faith with these people. Praying that God moves their hearts to change.