Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting to Know Him

We have had about seven visits so far, we still miss days because of the paperwork. We are really getting to know Brian very well. He runs to us when he sees us, with arms open for a hug. He is still very excited, but finally settling in, knowing we will keep visiting. He has such a sweet giglle, and I love hearing him laugh!!
He does not get much freedom in his group, so he is loving the "freedom" he is getting with mom and dad.
 He loves to walk with dad, sometimes, he will run ahead, but he makes sure that dad is following close behind, he giggles and keeps dad on the run. He loves books, he loves when big trucks drive by. Yesterday, he was not feeling well and he sat with mom the entire visit, I loved that cuddle time!! When is is feeling fine, he is more of a daddy's boy! He does not like the word "NO".
It is so hard to leave everyday, he does NOT like going back to his group. He will act up and he does not cooperate with the orphanage workers. I will always kiss him, and tell him we will be back soon. We tell him to be a good boy. He does have a "sad" look as we walk away, it just breaks my heart.
He is an amazing little boy, and we love him very much!! He seems very happy with us, he is content with us now. He is now very trusting, he likes to stand on the bench, he has good balance, but if he does start to fall, he knows that mom and dad have him, and he loves it!! We do not have internet in our apartment, but the Baptist church is letting us use the internet, so I hope to be able to update every other day. Now for pictures, enjoy!!

Please pray for Brian's health, and pray that things continue to go well and quick. We hope to get a court date Monday. Please pray that we get a court date for next week, also pray that they will waive the ten day waiting period. Most of all pray for God's perfect timing!!

Bryan, Brady & Sarah, We love you all!! We miss you all so much!!

In Christ,
Bill & Sheri


Rochelle said...

Ahh no internet. I was checking online for you yesterday and starting to worry that we hadn't heard from you. Glad all is going well. Will pray for all your requests.
Enjoy that sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh.Praise the Lord that everything seems to be going well. Those are great pics. I absolutely love the 6th one down....Daddy and son walking in the distance. Sooooo precious.
Kristi L

Hansina said...

Yay! So happy for you guys! I hope we will ge to see you and your precious boy before we leave the country!

Mel said...

Hang in there Sheri!!! We're praying for you in our nightly prayers as you follow God's plan in your journey. Your little guy is so adorable!

Ben and Melanie said...

YAYYYYY...So Happy to see you there FINALLY... Yayyyy... That`s all we can say.. Praying... Hugs!

Deanna said...

He's BEAUTIFUL!! Praying and thinking of you everyday!! xo

Faith for Hope said...

SO good to hear from you all. We miss you both but so glad to "see" you with "Brain" ... love the pictures! Praying for your court date to be soon and to go well. Missed you for "God and Country Sunday"! Love you, Grace

Anonymous said...

tell him that his biggest broter loves himvere much and cant wight to see him bryan

Anonymous said...

So sweet, thank you for the update, and really enjoyed the pictures. Praying for you, with love, Teresa O.