Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dessert Auction is FINISHED

C. Houston~~Bananas Foster Cheesecake~~$30
Gretchen Thibault~~Candy Bar Cheesecake~~$20
Gretchen Thibault~~Chocolate Chip Cookies~~$20ea. Total $40
Bryan Burger~~White Choc Mac Nut Cookies~~$20ea. Total $40
Gretchen Thibault~~German Chocolate Cake Balls~~$25
Mark & Donna~~Butterfinger Dessert~~$15
Steve Pabody~~German Chocolate Pie~~$20
Benjy Potvin~~Peach Cobbler~~$5
Browning Family~~Decadent Chocolate Torte~~$25
Bryan Burger~~Cinnamon Rolls~~$10
The Farmer Gang~~Spring Log~~$20
Garth & Becky~~Pecan Pie~~$20
Mark & Donna~~Puppy Chow~~$15
Mary Mcarther~~Rice Krispy Cake~~$20
Luba Bowden~~Apple Pie~~$20
Gretchen Thibault~~Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bakes~~$15
Garth & Becky~~Cherry Pie~~$15.01
Gretchen Thibault~~Streusel Kuchen~~$15
Garth & Becky~~Red Velvet Cake Balls~~$30
Sarah Hensen~~Jumbo Rice Krispy Treats~~$5
The Farmer Gang~~Chocolate Eclair Dessert~~$15
We planned this Dessert Auction to help raise funds to use for the final paperwork fees, so we first want to thank CHRIST, He put the burden on our heart and He is faithful to provide!! We want to thank all of you that have participated in this auction, you all are a blessing, thank you for helping to Bring Brian Home!!
These funds are to help with the final paperwork fees, $500.00 for Dossier Translation and $485.00 for Apostilling our Dossier Documents. Please pay our Blue ChipIn, and thank you so much. 


Gretchen Thibault said...


Could you email me and I will send you a check. My computer won't let me use the chip-in for some reason. If you want to you can mail the items together and I will throw in a little extra money for shipping.


Steve Pabody said...

Do you have any preference which method we use to pay as a winner in the dessert auction? (chip in, paypal, or should should I send a check?)