Monday, March 28, 2011

Auction Winners are.........

Auction Winners,

I need your Address so I can send your Item/s. Some of you have paid, so I can send out the item/s as soon as I get your address!!

Thank You!!

Auction Item #1 Jill ~~Nursing Cover~~ $20.
Auction Item #3 Jenny~~Little Blue Bells~~$50.
Auction Item #4 Laima~~1st Snug-a-long~~ $10.
Auction Item #7 Nance~~Lady Bug Hair Pretty Keeper~~ $20.
Auction Item #8 Nance~~Wash Cloth & Pot Hold/Coaster Set~~ $10.
Auction Item #9 Kaitlyn P.~~Down Syndrome Awareness Hair Bow~~ $5.
Auction Item #10 Nicole~~Tu Tu Dress~~ $45.
Auction Item #11 Bryan B.~~16x16 Printed Photo~~ $15.
Auction Item #13 Kellan's Momma~~2nd Snug-a-long ~~$20.
Auction Item #16 Malissa F.~~Manual Food Processor~~ $30.
Auction Item #21 Kristy L.~~Russian Hair Barrette~~ $7.
Auction Item #22 Cindee C.~~Pink & Yellow Hair Pretty Keeper
Auction Item #24 Sarah H.~~3rd Snug-a-long~~ $8.00
Auction Item #27 Kaitlyn P.~~Patriotic hair Bows~~ $7.
Auction Item #28 Nicole~~Matroshka Doll~~ $30.
Auction Item #32 SaraElizabeth~~Verse Trivet~~ $20.
Auction Item #33 Dawn O.~~Buckeyes Candy~~ $10.
Auction Item #34 Julia~~Buckeyes Candy~~ $25.
Auction Item #37 Nance~~Buckeyes Candy~~ $20

You can pay our ChipIn, or if you would like to make a tax deductible payment through Reece's Rainbow, just click on Brian's Button and that will take you to our FSP, where you can make your payment.
If you would like to send a check I can send you our address or the address to Reece's Rainbow. Be sure to add our name "Burger" if you pay through Reece's Rainbow. Also if you do pay through Reece's Rainbow,
please let me know you have paid.
We will send your item/s when we receive payment.
Thank you all for helping to bring Brian home. Thank you to all who have donated items to help us Bring Brian Home.
We truly appreciate your help!!

Please remember to pray for our USCIS approval to come this week !!

We really need to get our USCIS approval, so we are asking friends and family to Please Pray that we get our "Golden Ticket" this week. BRIAN will be 5 1/2 in May and is at GREAT risk for being transferred to a mental institution. Where he may not be adoptable. We are trying to get there would be amazing if we got our approval this week, something that only God can do!!

Please remember to include your address, so I can send your item/s, Thank you!!
My e-mail is: missybrgr(at)msn(dot)com


Julia said...

I paid - I added in for shipping costs too!!

Jenny said...

I have a check going out tomorrow to RR - Jenny (Blue Bells) :):)

Kellan's momma said...

I paid on RR by paypal, I added 10 for shipping/pp fees. The maker of the blankies commented that she would give me a more "boyish" one, so we would love the blue and green or which ever! Thanks! If you need me to email you my receipt I can no problem, just email me at Thank you! Email me anyway, and I'll send you my address!

Nance said...

I paid on RR by paypal. I also sent extra $$$ to get that boy home!!!!

SaraElizabeth said...

I sent a check to Reece's Rainbow today! I couldn't find an email address for you so I could send you my home address though... Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks! Sara