Thursday, November 11, 2010 bring Little Brian home from E.E.

We are working hard on the paperwork for our Dossier, we are hoping to have our Dossier ready to mail the first week in February 2011. Between Paper chasing, Fundraising, Homeschooling, Taking care of our Home....and.....oh yeah....Thanksgiving and Christmas...well I am becoming one VERY busy lady! Things are going well, I have had so many people offer to help us, God is so good!! We are planning our first blog auction to start soon....We also have several other fundraisers in the works. I will post more about them later. We need to raise some of the funds for use now. I am going Friday to Olympia to get 12 documents will cost $200.00, worth every penny and so much more to bring that little man home! It will cost $100.00 to get 5 copies of our Marriage Certificate, there is definitely a need for some funds now.
The funds we raise from these first few fundraisers we will have for use on compiling our Dossier.
Most of the funds we need to raise will be for traveling to bring him home. We are praying for God's continued blessing in all of this, God is so good to us! We are so thankful that God chose us to be the ones to raise that precious young man, we don't take that lightly, we pray that God be glorified in all that we do!


Browning Family said...

AHHHHH - found you! YAY! I am super excited for the Burger family - and for Brian. What a blessing on both fronts. Trust me, it isn't easy, but it is not the most difficult thing to ever endure either. To think - it is all to forever change the life of a little boy half way across the world. Beautiful! When I get home from E.E. I hope to help you and make some things for your auctions. Also wanting to help promote on our blog. Love ya bunches, and am so excited for you my sweet friend.
Charrissa Browning
James 1:27 - a favorite verse and one I think gets neglected far too much in our churches.

Faith for Hope said...

Dittoing Charrissa ... except we not in EE. heehee Remember what I said about the "double" fundraiser ... we will help bring Brian home too! It's good to be busy ...yay! = ) Love ya, friend, Grace

The Broxton's said...

So excited!! Let me know if you Need any help with the fundraising =) Love ya! Jeanne'

AddingOn said...

Hi! I don't think we've "met" yet.
My name is Cara and we are adoptiong "Dawn" from the same orphanage as Brian. He is so precious, I have prayed he will not be moved to the institution.
We were supposed to submit last month, the day our dossier arrived in country we found out Dawn was not really cleared for int. adoption yet. She is supposed to be by the time they reopen in Feb. So maybe we will travel at the same time!

Kaitlyn said...

Mrs. Burger, I'm very excited with how many people are adopting that are from our church. My email is Email me and I will send you pictures of some barrettes that I have already made!
Love you a lot!!!!!