Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still A Struggle

We have said many times recently that God is in control, we know that, without a shadow of doubt. God knows us very well and knows that I struggle with this....Waiting on His perfect timing!! I would not want it any other way, but it is still very hard. The most amazing little boy is waiting in Eastern Europe for us to come get him. It is very hard to wait...it tugs at my heart continually. I can not wait to go there and get him. We are also still hoping and praying about one other....well :) someone and only God can work everything out for us!! We are still waiting for God to provide the needed funds to complete this journey, we are still waiting on USCIS approval, and I know that God is in complete control. I sometimes feel like, writing that I am discouraged...but I am not sure if that is really what it is, I think that I am just sad that is has taken so long, and we are not close yet. Maybe like an expectant mom that is long overdue!! We still do not know when we will travel.....May....June...July??? God does know, I feel like so many things are on "hold" We had so many things worked out and I hope that it will still be able to all fall into place when we are finally ready to go. I hope it is okay to share my heart, maybe this will help someone else. So for now, we really are waiting... oh yeah and trying to get many items mailed out. FuN fUn FuN!! To God be the glory forever!!

In Christ, Bill & Sheri

We still have a "GIVEAWAY" going......Please help us if you can, we still need almost $12.000 We do have a long way to go, we do pray for God's provision!!


Rochelle said...

Totally understand you feelings. Praying that your approval comes this week and that your funding gets accomplished and for your faithful hearts to keep having faith in the wait,

from one waiting momma to another,

Faith for Hope said...

Praying for you, dear friend. Do not be discouraged. "Where God guides, He provides." This has always been true. We have learned, that although He may not bless each person in the exact same way, He still blesses! We are not cookie cutter people and neither are His blessings. Hang in there. God's blessings are not always monetary, as we have learned. I wouldn't trade our journey (slow as it may seem) for anyone else's... no matter how fast they may be. Too many precious and valuable lessons learned along the way. Ones that will help me be a better mama to ALL of my children, not just our "Hope". Many prayers, Grace

The Casaus House said...

Sheri, thank you for sharing your heart. One day you will be on a flight headed to go get your precious boy and you will realize all the waiting, praying, fundraising, waiting some more was all worth it. When that boy of yours is home with you, he will be there forever. That's a long time in light of the short wait now. We Love you guys and are praying! Soon my friend. :)

Cathy said...

Just stopped by to let you know that I'm praying for your family!