Monday, December 20, 2010

More Precious Than Gold~~~~

   Well, I have not posted much lately other than Auction stuff, so it seems like I have been on here a lot, but I know that it has been awhile since I have posted anything. Our Homestudy is just about finished, and we are well on our way working on our Dossier. We are on pace to have our Dossier finished and ready to go in Feb!! Christmas has been somewhat difficult....having a little boy that we all love dearly in an orphanage in Eastern Europe...makes it hard for all. We are enjoying family and Christmas is a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of Christ, it is a time with family and friends.... but part of our hearts are in Eastern Europe. My children realized recently...that there is no tree for little Brian, no gifts...he is not with his forever family and it was touching and hard. We love him so much!! We pray for him often and pray that we will be able to get there to bring him home. God is so good and He is faithful! God has changed each member of this family, through this adoption journey. It has been good to see God working in our lives...each day we are reminded that God is in control.
   Our first blog auction has ended, we learned a lot... we know how to do things better next time around, actually...we were trying to decide if we were going to do another one...but Items are starting to be promised to us for our next auction, so we probably will do one more. We are still selling Lasagna...and that is going well, we will be adding other items as well, BBQ beef and dessert item/s hopfully. I have a friend who will be making necklaces for us to sell and...we are doing a "MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD" fundraiser. I will add a blog post about that tomorrow. A friend from Reece's Rainbow is doing the same fundraiser and shared the we are doing the same. We think that it will be several different fundraisers that will help us raise the money to bring Brian it means more work and one busy mom.....and that is okay...our little BRIAN is WORTH IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, praise the Lord your homestudy is almost done. That's a huge step closer to Brian! What are the details about your lasagna fundraiser? I am interested!

Shea said...

Have you done You get about half the proceeds. I sent my teen out in the neighborhood with a picture of O and we made $300 in a week. It was the easiest of my fundraisers and I recommend it to everyone. They send you samples to try and it really is amazing popcorn. I'm a popcorn nut lol so if I say it is good, is is. Just plan it when others are not selling popcorn like the boyscouts etc.

AddingOn said...

Hi< I think I've left you a comment before, we are adopting from the same orphanage, "Dawn"
We are supposed to, God willing submit the first Thursday they reopen. You have been and still are in my prayers.